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Camtasia is a tool that allows you to capture a lecture through your computer. You can present a powerpoint presentation, include video of yourself giving the lecture, and capture your screen to demonstrate how to use a tool. Camtasia is available for both Mac and PC, and uses a drag-and-drop interface to make it easy to do simple video and audio editing on your presentation.

1. Practice

Practice using the microphone and camera. Give a practice mini-lecture or demonstration to see how your video and slides will look, and make sure your sound is coming through clearly.

2. Quiet Place

Record in a quiet location where your background is appropriate to show to your audience. Keep in mind that the microphone will pick up any stray noises and your camera will pick up some of your surroundings as well.

3. Include a Demonstration

Not only can you record a lecture with Camtasia, but you can show how to do a search, use a tool, or any other demonstrations during your lecture. 

4. Highlight what is Important

Use your slides to highlight the importance of what you’re saying, rather than simply reading what you’ve written. By combining the audio and video formats, you’re able to keep students interested with relevant visuals rather than sending them off to read a list of bullet points.

Creates complete presentations with both slides or screencast and video of presenter.Helps students feel connected to you even across great distances.Keeps students interested in a lecture through visual slides and demonstrations.It can take some time to become comfortable with the interface. You can overcome this by practicing with it before trying to record a presentation.