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Audacity is a free web-based audio recording and editing software application. With a microphone embedded or attached to a computer, professors can record audio lectures.

1. Practice

Practice using a microphone. Experiment with volume levels and different microphone placement.

2. Quiet Place

Record in a quiet location. Any microphone can pick up nearby noises.

3. Script It

Use a script. A script helps you produce the best audio by allowing you to avoid mistakes or saying “um” or “uh.” If you do not want a formal presentation, an outline can help reduce some mistakes.

4. Tell a Story

Audacity is a great tool for creating podcasts and digital storytelling, as well as recording traditional lectures.

5. Include an Audio File

Not only can you record audio with audacity, but if you have sound files already on your computer that you would like to include in your session, you can import those files into your Audacity project.

6. Highlight what is Important

Add background music or sound effects to recordings where appropriate to highlight important content or make a presentation more engaging.