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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing software that allows instructors to connect with their students using live sessions. It allows students and instructors to experience real-time discussions and presentations, record meetings, chat in live sessions, or hold breakout sessions in which smaller sub-groups can talk or collaborate on a whiteboard and share their screens. Adobe Connect allows participants to share various types of content, such as slides, videos, shared files, polls, and messages, as well as selected items on their computer screen, including one or more open windows, one or more open applications, or the entire desktop.

Adobe Connect Layout (Mac)

1. Interact with Students’ Voices and Faces

When you hold a live session with Adobe Connect, you can see each member’s face and hear each member’s voice. You can have rich discussions and interactions with students, as well as share presentations with one another. 

2. Quick Communication Through Participant Icons

Each learner has a set of Participant Icons they can post next to their name to send a quick message to the instructor. Participants can raise their hands, show that they are away from their desk for a moment, and more. Instructors can also do informal polls yes/no polls as part of their instruction. Students can put up a green checkmark for yes, and a red X for no.

3. Breakout Sessions

With Adobe Connect, you can divide your session into smaller groups, where students can talk, chat, and share independently from the entire class. Students can then be called back into the larger “room” and each group can share their findings with the rest of the class.

4. Polling

Instant polling can be a great teaching tool. With Adobe Connect, you can set up polling questions before you session begins, and save them for later meetings. You can also export the answer data to other applications.

Can have up to 150 participants in a sessionAbility to create breakout sessions where students meet in smaller groupsEasy-to-use polling functionRecorded sessions are uploaded to the cloud and easily accessible
No site-wide license at SimmonsAdvanced functions take some time to learnMore costly than similar products (GoToMeeting, WebEx)

Watch a brief video description Adobe Connect for eLearning Overview