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eLearning Toolbox

This section is the Simmons Online eLearning Toolbox.  Below you will find pages for each of the tools that are used with Simmons Online for course development and design. The pages below will offer you a definition of each tool, tips for best use, advantages and challenges of the tool and links to the “how tos” that allow you to create using the tool.

Pedagogical Goals MUST Drive Your Tools Choice
Although eLearning tools are key to online course delivery, they are not the best place to start if you are not sure what you are looking for. Simmons Online recommends that you start with the Getting Started section of the Hub and work your way through the pedagogical reasons behind the teaching techniques and after you are comfortable with those thing then move on to choosing a tool that will help with your pedagogical goals. 

Need a fast track to understanding which tool does what?
Review the Choosing the Right eLearning Tool section under Designing and Managing Your Course.  Within that page, you will find the tools listed with the most common uses for both faculty and students. With that understand you should then be able to explore the