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Your Online Presence: Build a Community

Your students may not all see one another in the same room at the same time every week, but they can still feel a strong sense of community with your help. Helping your students feel like they, along with you, are part of a team dedicated to learning together greatly assists the learning process.

1. Provide early opportunities for social interaction.

Social interaction needs to be cultivated. Creating non-graded opportunities allows students to introduce themselves and connect authentically at the beginning of the course.


2. Assign group work that requires students to work collaboratively.

Learning from one another throughout the course will be key to successful community building. This will help students connect and build relationships and learn to rely on one another.


3. Craft discussion board prompts that allow students to share their ideas and experiences.

Ensure that your discussion boards are a safe place for students to express themselves and learn by setting clear expectations at the start of the course.


4. Hold regular synchronous web-conferencing sessions.

During your session include a live discussion or break out sessions that invites students to talk with one another about course material.