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Your Online Presence: Be Deliberate

Presence online does not happen automatically; it must be consciously created and maintained. After the effort to establish presence and build community at the onset of the course, you need to maintain your presence throughout the course.

1. Post Announcements Regularly

Even though you will have your course designed ahead of time, there will be plenty of reasons to use the announcement forum. You might use it to introduce module topics, or to refer to news stories and articles relating to what students are learning. Being present in this way shows students you are invested in their learning and that you are available to them.

How Tos, Resources and Examples

2. Post Weekly Wrap-ups

It can be very helpful to post a quick 5 to 7 minute wrap up video at the end of each module. Use this opportunity to give feedback on how the students did with the content and what areas they can improve upon. This type of video can be done quickly and easily with Tegrity.

How Tos, Resources and Examples

3. Create a Rhythm

Successful online instructors create a distinct schedule and routine around their participation in course conversations.

How Tos, Resources and Examples

Example Schedule:

  • MONDAY: Announcement introducing module
  • TUESDAY: Grade assignments from previous week, post grades
  • WEDNESDAY: Virtual office hours
  • THU – SAT: Monitor and post on discussion boards
  • SUNDAY: Post weekly wrap-up

4. Set Clear Expectations

From the very beginning, let your students know when and how you will be present on the course site. You don’t want them unrealistically expecting you to respond to a forum post on a day you are not available. Also, outline how you prefer to be contacted and how soon they can expect responses.