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SLIS Online: Moodle SNAP Design

he look and feel of your course site is very more important – especially in a fully online course where it is literally your student’s classroom. Make sure your design is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. To this end, all Simmons Online courses are developed in Moodle using the SNAP Theme.

SNAP Theme

Snap is a simple, intuitive, responsive theme for Moodle. The main benefit of Snap is that it allows you to provide a consistent experience for users across any device. Snap is designed to provide an elegant, modern solution if you plan to use your Moodle website for online learning. Snap focuses on drawing the user in through a clean visual experience, and provides learners and educators with quick access to the content that is important to them.


  1. COURSE MENU: allows students to quickly navigate to any module in the course as well as Course Tools and Course Home page.
  2. HIGHLIGHT OF CURRENT WEEK: theme allows instructors to manually mark the “current week”. This is a best practice and highly suggested. It allows the student to understand where they are in the big picture.
  3. PROGRESS: as students check off accomplishments in the week their progress is noted in the main menu. This is a best practice to help students with time management. Provides a sense of accomplishment.
  4. SEARCH: allows students to search the course for content quickly from any page. Can be really helpful for students when looking for something they know they have seen, but they’re not sure where.