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Communication, Collaboration and Group Work

Online Communication

Communication is key to the functioning of an online course. Outside of the prescribed synchronous sessions, and the insemination of course material via asynchronous tools, additional communication will allow the course to run more smoothly and also give students a sense of community. Without the regular face-to-face class time of a traditional course, online students can feel isolated or like they are doing it alone. Frequent communication is essential to creating an engaging online learning experience that prevents students from feeling lost in the ether. An online course which fosters communication between instructor and students, as well as among students will best promote student learning.

Collaboration and Group Work

Students are at their best when they are learning from each other. Assign your learners to work in groups on certain projects and assignments. You can have them assess case studies, collaborate on a paper, or create a group presentation. Building in opportunities for your students to work together will help them be more engaged and invested in the coursework.

Pedagogy MUST drive content delivery choices ….not the tool.  
You are encouraged to look at the pages and examples below before you explore the tools, but these links are provided for your convenience once you are ready to design and develop.