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Moodle Quiz Tool

The Quiz tool offers an easy way for instructors to gauge students’ progress in a course and to provide quick feedback about their performance. Quizzes can be used for multiple levels of assessment, ranging from simple checkpoint questions to a major course exam. 

1. Practice Quiz

Practice quizzes are a great, low stakes method of self-assessment for students. A practice quiz functions like a traditional quiz, in that students are provided feedback and a score for their answers. However, a practice quiz will not appear in the gradebook column and is not used in grade calculations. 

2. Question Bank

The Question Bank enables instructors to manage Quiz questions they have created for a course. Questions stored in the Question Bank can be sorted and organized into categories. When creating new quizzes, you can pull pre-existing questions from the Question Bank in addition to creating new questions.

3. Student Accommodations

Quizzes can be used to manage certain student accommodations. You can “re-open”a closed quiz for a student that missed the quiz window due to technical difficulties or a medical emergency. You can also alter the quiz time limit for certain students that may require a time accommodation.

Provides students with immediate feedback. Helps students monitor their comprehension throughout a session.Can be used for multiple levels of assessment. Quiz questions are saved and can easily be recycled.Difficult to control academic integrity