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Moodle Lessons

A Lesson is made up of pages which may have content for the student to read or questions for them to answer. This tool can be very powerful for activities that ask the students to directly engage with the content and what they are learning.  It can also be used for more complex activities such as branching or storytelling activities.

The Lesson can contain as many pages as needed and  questions should be used to engage the student with the learning. Questions can be created by the teacher or imported. The teacher decides the order in which these pages appear. As students move through the pages, they can be sent to specific pages within the Lesson. In the tools simplest form, the student can select a “continue” button at the bottom of the page, which will send them to the next page in the Lesson. 

1. Graded or Non-Graded?

You need to have a clear idea beforehand of what you want to do with this lesson. Is it to be a graded, linear learning experience? Or an ungraded, non-linear practice session? Will students be able to go back and revisit areas or is it just a once-only opportunity?

2. Building a Rough Draft 

Even those who are very comfortable working directly online might find it useful to note down on paper the direction they want their lesson pages to go in, rather than having to remember and visualize the navigation in their head.