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Welcome to the October edition of The Bridge. This communication aims to link Student Affairs to the larger academic mission of the University.

From the VP's Desk

Dr. Renique Kersh, VP of Student Affairs



Last spring, Student Affairs developed a series of communications to meet the needs of our students, families, and faculty. Today, you are receiving the second edition of The Bridge, a communication linking Student Affairs to the larger academic mission of Simmons. This edition includes COVID Updates, Student Resources, Staffing Updates.

Renique Kersh, VP of Student Affairs

Each division and department meeting starts with our Mission, Values, and Goals, which serve as our North Star as we work to improve the student experience, communications, and opportunities across campus. I hope you can take the time to review these, and we look forward to collaborating with you this upcoming year as we seek to meet our goals by year-end. 



Renique Kersh, Ph.D.

Vice President for Student Affairs



Students in Quarantine & Isolation 

Student Affairs has created a web page with helpful and relevant resources for students in quarantine and/or isolation due to a positive COVID test or possible exposure. Please share with students who might benefit from this information.

Resources Page

16 Steps to Student Success

In the Simmons community, the Division of Student Affairs serves as a gateway to a variety of support services and resources designed to maximize each students’ unique academic and personal journey. This manual introduces community members to some of these services, reiterating our mission of providing transformative learning that links passion with lifelong purpose.

16 Steps

New Student Affairs Website

The Division of Student Affairs is known for providing support to students on everything from health and wellness issues, to food and housing insecurity, to other out-of-class concerns. We empower students to be leaders through student organizations, student employment roles, and co-curricular experiences.


The new Student Affairs website offers a better look at how students can connect with programs and services through a variety of sub-categories.

New Student Affairs Website

COVID Exposure Chart for FAQs

The Health Center and the Communications team have created an easy to read chart that explains what you need to know if you have the following questions:


  • I was exposed to COVID-19, what do I need to do?
  • I tested positive for COVID-19, what do I need to do?
Exposure Charts

COVID Updates

Updated COVID-19 FAQs: Faculty, Staff & Students

The COVID Task Force and Steering Committee continuously reviews campus policies that impact our community. Please find the latest updates to Simmons policies below.


Faculty COVID-19 Information Slides

See below for broken down information and data snapshots on weekly testing rates, positive cases, and masking. You can also find COVID resources and communications, and share your COVID-related questions and concerns.

Faculty COVID-19 Slides

Staffing Updates

Ryan Bradshaw

Associate Director of Campus Recreation and Student Wellness

Ryan joins Simmons as the inaugural Associate Director of Campus Recreation and Student Wellness. His role has a priority focus on enhancing wellbeing for graduate and undergraduate students. Bradshaw is responsible for managing the daily operation of the William J. Holmes Sports & Fitness Center, and coordinating wellness programming in collaboration with academic partners, the Counseling Center, the Health Center, and others.

Julia Hvoslef

Director of the Center for Leadership and Engagement

Julia joins Simmons as the the inaugural Director of the Center for Leadership and Engagement (formerly the Office of Student Leadership and Activities). Her position has a focus on empowering students to practice Everyday Leadership, social responsibility, mutual respect, and purposeful engagement.

Matoaka Kipp

Director of the REEF Support Center

Matoaka joins us the inaugural Director of the REEF Support Center. In this role, Kipp is responsible for the management and oversight of basic needs supports for Simmons University students. This includes coordinating food and housing insecurity resources, managing the SOS emergency fund, monitoring outreach and case management, and much more. This position also responds to students' needs through the CARE team, and ensures that graduate, undergraduate and online students are aware of the resources available to them to support their success.

The Division of Student Affairs

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