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Student Leadership & Activities

The Simmons University Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA) serves as a student advocate across the University, to contribute to our vibrant campus environment, and to foster the development of competent, aware, and self-sufficient community members. Students develop a genuine understanding of themselves and their potential to make a lasting contribution to society through leadership education, active involvement, and purposeful programming to enhance students’ experience.

Key Goals

  • To empower students to become leaders who draw connections between their involvement and transferrable life skills.
  • To create a vibrant campus community.
  • To connect students with each other and provide opportunities to get involved.

Get Engaged

OSLA is pleased to sponsor numerous opportunities for programs and events throughout the year!  We have over 80 different clubs and organizations you can join to meet people with similar interests. When we are not supporting student-driven programs, we can found hosting our own programs.  Our dedicated staff support:

  • Facilitate programs, pieces of training, and instructional events on communication, ethics, program planning, delegation, and conflict resolution.
  • Create traditions across campus from Student Organization Training, Leadership Recognition Awards, Welcome Week,  Winter Wonderland, to Senior Week.
  • Support a variety of populations, including our Dix Scholars, Commuters, and Veteran communities.
  • Additional Services: ticket box office, student semester MBTA passes, and lockers registration.
  • Can’t find something you’re interested in? Our students start their own club or organizations by meeting with a member of our team.

Do you have program ideas? Please let us know –we would love to work with you!

SharkLink: Clubs and Organizations

Always be in the know. Please login to SharkLink and see what is happening across campus. There is still something happening, whether it be on the Academic or Residential Campus.

Student Employment Opportunities

OSLA offers many employment and involvement opportunities on campus, all of which are listed below. If you are interested in any of the positions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Event Staff

Event Staff is students representing OSLA as a positive peer presence at student-organized and OSLA sponsored social events. Event staff support and hosts a variety of programs and including the setting up, administering and break down of programs.

Student Office Assistant

Office Assistants serve as support for all of the professional staff members in the office. Not only are they the front line of the office, they assist with space request processing, database management, the position also provides opportunities for students to have input on OSLA and student-run initiatives.