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Religion and Daily Life

Prayer and reflection space for all students is available on both the residence and academic campuses.

  • Residence Campus: Smith Basement
  • Academic Campus: Spiritual Life at Simmons, Room C-230E, open at all times.
Jewish Life at Simmons

Holiday observance

Simmons Hillel works with students to make plans for High Holiday service attendance and works with Simmons faculty and staff to ensure sensitivity of holiday observance throughout the year. All details about holiday observance at Simmons can be found on the Simmons Religious Observance policy.

Dietary Needs

Aramark offers meals that have been pre-ordered for students that are keeping kosher. Meals are obtained from Boston University’s Hillel kitchen. Lunch and dinner are available; prepared and distributed to students in a sealed box. Those that have ordered will just need to speak to the manager on duty for distribution. B.U. has offered Simmons Students the option to go have a hot meal at the Hillel house on the B.U. campus. Residential students interested in preparing their own kosher meals should contact the Simmons Hillel Director for details.

During Passover, Simmons Hillel works with Simmons Dining to offer a catered kosher for Passover meal plan. Sealed boxed lunches and a buffet dinner are offered during Passover.

Muslim Life at Simmons

Dietary Needs

Simmons Dining offers an all halal certified food station dedicated to Halal inspired meals every lunch and dinner, at the three locations (includes: halal hamburgers, chicken and hot dogs):

  • Bartol Dining Hall @ Three Squares; the Fens Grille; and at the Quadside Cafe.
  • During Ramadan, Aramark offers breakfast for the students to pick up at dinner service the night before. On the two nights that prayer and fasting end around 7:50 an order form was created for the students to order their meals to be picked up by 8:30pm as the dining hall closes at 8pm. This ensures that on the days we close earlier they are still able to have dinner. All of the orders need to be placed the day before so we can prepare them and have them ready.

Weekly Services and Muslim Events

  • Weekly Halaqah (Short Talks) on contemporary and classical Muslim topics
  • Weekly 1-1 Quran Classes for anyone interested
  • Other Opportunities Included:
  • Short Tajweed Course is offered for all the students
  • Black Muslim Month
  • Muslim Women History Month
  • Hijab Day
  • Islam Awareness Week
  • Ramadan Welcome workshop