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Grading Procedure and Withdrawal Deadline Changes

March 20th, 2020

For Undergraduate Students:


The window to elect to take a course pass/fail will be reopened from March 23 through March 27.

  • All pass/fail policies in the catalog remain in effect. Students may elect to take one course pass/fail.
  • All colleges and universities are approaching pass/fail policies with the academic success of their students in mind. We decided to reopen the pass/fail window to allow for increased flexibility during these unprecedented circumstances, but also with your academic success in mind. Moving to an only-pass/fail system would create the following hurdles for our students:
    • Students intending graduate study, students currently in courses that are graduate prerequisites, and students in professional preparation programs generally need to receive letter grades to have their courses count in those programs.
    • Additionally, students who are working hard to bring up their GPA for any reason, including reasons tied to financial aid, would be harmed by not receiving letter grades this term.
    • Our current pass/fail policies are carefully designed with an eye on ensuring student success post-graduation and allowing all of our students to demonstrate academic improvement and achievement.


The deadline to withdraw from a course has been extended and will be March 27. 


Faculty will be able to approve incompletes without Administrative Board approval *for work to be completed by June 18.* If students need to extend beyond June 18, the approval must go through the Administrative Board.

For Campus-Based Graduate Programs


We have extended the withdrawal window until March 27, 2020 for all non-2U enabled graduate programs.

Please note: these changes do not apply to @Simmons programs that were already fully online.

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