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Academic Programs

There are five majors within the BSBA program:

All five share the same core courses. Double majors share the same core, and cannot have electives double-count. Any minor requires at least three distinct courses from other electives taken. Students cannot take a major or minor prerequisite, core or elective course for a BSBA major or minor as a pass/fail option.


Minors within business and accounting provide depth in a specific functional discipline or specialization (for example, finance or entrepreneurship) when taken with a major, or they serve as a complement to majors outside of Business. All minors consist of five courses. For those minors with electives, students should select electives in consultation with a faculty advisor.

With the exception of the minor in business, students majoring in one of the five BSBA majors may take any minor. Any major and minor combination will double-count core courses but must have unique electives.

  • Minor in Accounting
    The Minor in Accounting additionally prepares Majors in Business, Economics and social and health sciences who are interested in entry-level positions in a variety of corporate and nonprofit settings.
  • Minor in Business
    The Minor is Business is an excellent complement for students in any Major to understand the basic business skills and functions in nonprofit, for-profit, and public organizations.
  • Minor in Finance
    Students majoring in Math and Statistics, Economics, and social sciences will find the Finance Minor to be attractive to potential employers recruiting for analyst positions.
  • Minor in Health Care Management
    The Health Care Management Minor provides students in any health profession, business, or social science Major an understanding of the US health system from a business perspective, insight into the largest employment sector in Massachusetts.
  • Minor in Leadership for Social Impact
    The Leadership for Social Impact minor emphasizes “doing well by doing good” for any Major at the University. It complements the University’s general education focus on leadership and is appropriate for all Majors.
  • Minor in Marketing
    The Marketing Minor complements all Majors interested in marketing/social media positions in fast-growing companies.
  • Interdisciplinary Minor in PR/MarComm
    A cluster of courses in Marketing and Communications will add greater depth to any Business, Communications, or social sciences or humanities Majors for students interested in public relations and social media roles.
  • Minor in Retail Management
    The Retail Management Minor complements any Business, Communications or social sciences Majors in the University and students interested in the dynamic retail sector.

Interdisciplinary & Joint Majors

  • Interdisciplinary Major in Arts Administration
    Arts Administration combines art or music with communications, marketing or business studies to prepare students for a wide variety of rewarding careers in the world of arts, design and culture.
  • Joint Major in Chemistry-Management
    The Chemistry-Management joint major is designed for students who would like to apply their scientific interests to a business career, such as research administration.
  • Interdisciplinary in Data Science and Analytics
    The Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics program prepares students to change the world by harnessing the power of information. In fact, Data Science already impacts your world. It is the force behind everything from Facebook ads to personalized medicine.
  • Joint Major in Financial Mathematics
    Offered jointly with the Departments of Mathematics and Economics, this major serves students interested in applying principles of mathematics and economics analysis in the financial services industry.  
  • Interdisciplinary Major in Public Relations and Marketing Communications
    The Interdisciplinary Major in Public Relations and Marketing Communications is designed to provide grounding and experience in public relations and a firm understanding of the principles and implementation of marketing strategy.