Employee Information

Life at Simmons University can be busy, so it's nice to have one place to go for human resources information that current employees may need on a daily basis. This area of the site is your one-stop-shop for answers to some daily questions such  "What is the official university dress code?", "What are the typical hours of work?", and "How does the university promote workplace safety?"

The Simmons Employee Handbook details the policies and procedures you'll need during your time at the University.

Faculty and Staff


Commuting Options

By now, you may have determined the best route possible to get to work, but if you are seeking alternative options, visit our Commuting Alternatives page via the following link:

This page will provide you information on the various public transportation services available for your commute including: MBTA train and bus options, biking options, the MASCO shuttle services, and more! If you would like to sign up for a subsidized MBTA pass, please visit the following page:

If you will be driving to work, please visit the Employee Parking page to set up your parking account. Faculty and staff can pay for the monthly parking on a pre-tax basis.

To help navigate your way around campus, please view the Campus Maps site:

Unlawful Harassment Prevention Training

This training is mandatory for ALL new faculty and staff employees.

This course is interactive and contains many challenging and interesting real-life workplace situations. It can be taken on any computer with access to the Internet.

If you have questions about this, please contact thcs@simmons.edu or call us at (617) 521-2084.

Employees will receive an email with instructions and registration information for the Campus Answers training programs after they are hired.

Please use this site to find information related to time off and attendance .

For additional assistance, please email thcs@simmons.edu or call Human Resources at x2084.

Time Off

For information on the College's Holiday and Winter Break Policy and Schedule as well as our Sick and Vacation policies, please visit our Time Off page.

Faculty Policy Manual

The current Faculty Policy Manual can be located online on the Provost's Office website.

Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook

The Benefits Guide

Additional Policies

Updated Employee Handbook and/or Benefits Guide Content

The links below contain updated Employee Handbook and/or Benefits Guide content. This information supersedes the applicable information contained in the existing Employee Handbook and/or Benefits Guide documents.

The LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE benefit is no longer available at this time.

Please contact the Human Resources Group at 617-521-2084 with questions.

Forms and Files

Additional Compensation & Voucher Forms

PLEASE NOTE: Provost signs Additional Compensation and Payroll Voucher Forms for all faculty. Human resources signs for staff.

Employee Action Form

It may be used to request a leave of absence

Manager Action Form

The Manager Action Form should be used by managers to change any job specific information about your employees. This includes items such as salary, title, job status, or work schedule. The form can also be used to notify Human Resources of a termination or to request to have a job's pay band evaluated.

Job Description Forms

The links below provide instructions on how to complete the the Job Description Format for staff at Simmons University, as well as some general background on the uses and importance of clear accurate job descriptions.

Tuition Forms

Disability Form

Worker's Compensation Form

Tracking Your Time in Workday

What is Workday@Simmons?

Workday is an innovative, cloud-based administrative platform that provides access to most human resources and payroll functions at Simmons. As an employee of the College, you will use the Workday system to maintain your personal contact information, track time off, view payslips, and more!!

How do I access Workday@Simmons?

Workday is now available at workday.simmons.edu, where you can log in using your Simmons username and password.

Where can I find more information on Workday?

Please visit the Workday Support site at http://workdaysupport.simmons.edu/ for user guides, FAQ's and training videos.

Resources for Workplace Concerns

Simmons University is a community committed to teaching and learning by promoting direct communication to address issues or misunderstandings whenever they occur.

When faced with a workplace concern, the best approach  is for you to discuss the issue with the person with whom you have the concern, if you are comfortable doing so. In many situations, problems can be resolved at this level through candid, tactful and direct communication.

If the workplace concern involves potential discrimination or harassment, please refer to the procedures outlined in those policies.

If you cannot resolve the concern with the person involved, you can speak with your immediate manager. If you wish to escalate your concern further, you may do so with the Dean or Vice President of your school or division. 

General Counsel Office
(617) 521-2074

Human Resources Office
(617) 521-2084

Additional Resource
Another resource available to members of the Simmons Community is Ethics Point, a hotline service for reporting anonymous activities that may involve, but, not limited to: financial impropriety, unlawful harassment and violations of Simmons University Policies.


Leaving Simmons

As employees leave the University,Human Resources is interested in learning why employees decide to leave the college. Employees have the opportunity to speak with HR representatives as well as participate in an exit interview process. Please contact HR at x2084 for an Exit Interview.

Please click on the link below to find out more about what happens to benefits when you leave the University: