Center for Excellence in Teaching

Simmons has launched the Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET), an important initiative of Strategy 2015, to nourish the College's long-standing strong culture of teaching excellence. The CET helps faculty find resources for their teaching, exchange ideas with colleagues, and try new teaching ideas. The CET works with the college community to nourish teaching and student learning in every school and in every aspect of the College's life. The CET serves full-time and part-time faculty at all levels of teaching expertise, including excellent teachers who want to become even more effective or to use their time as efficiently as possible for maximum student learning. The CET works with Simmons Technology, the library, and other offices to help faculty integrate technology, information literacy, and other aspects into their courses.

The CET does not influence the tenure, promotion, or appointment process in any way. It does not assess or evaluate any faculty member's teaching. Its goal is to be a safe, nonjudgmental space for faculty.

The CET is located in P113A in the Palace Road Building.

Contact Jennifer Herman at 617-521-2025, Rosalyn Diamond at 617-521-2038, or Alexandra Stanley at 617-521-2036.