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eBooks, Lessons and Content Pages

Our Learning Management Systems (LMS) provides Books, Lessons, and Content Pages that work in conjunction with online lectures and virtual classes.  

eBooks and Flipbooks

The Book module makes it easy to create multi-page resources with a book-like format.  It allows you to have main chapters and sub chapters.  The Book module is intended to be a simple resource for teachers and students.The Book module is not interactive. You can, however, link to choices, forums etc., from within a Book. Also, videos and other multimedia may be included in a book. Use the Book module to parse out longer texts into manageable chunks for an online setting.


The Lesson module presents a series of HTML pages to the student who is usually asked to make some sort of choice underneath the content area. The choice will send them to a specific page in the Lesson. In a Lesson page’s simplest form, the student can select a continue” button at the bottom of the page, which will send them to the next page in the Lesson.

Content Pages

The Content page is where information is provided to move the lesson forward but without requiring the student to answer specific questions.  The student sees the page’s title, some information and then one or more buttons at the bottom to select to move forward into the lesson.