Internal - Faculty & Staff

Support for PLAN

The Center for Faculty Excellence was instrumental in supporting the development of PLAN, Simmons’s undergraduate core curriculum. During the process of planning and operationalizing this new program, CFE designed and facilitated curriculum development retreats for the program as a whole, facilitated “core design” retreats for specific PLAN courses, and supported the design of an assessment process for the program writ large, as well as individual courses. CFE also facilitated workshops and retreats for PLAN administrators and faculty and served as co-author and co-PI for a grant from the Davis Educational Foundation.

Now that PLAN has been fully designed, CFE continues to support PLAN through:

  • Administering the Davis Educational Foundation grant, which provides financial support for continued faculty development
  • Designing and facilitating multi-day Course Design Institutes for faculty new to the Boston, Leadership, and Learning Community courses
  • Designing and facilitating annual retreats for all Boston, Leadership, and Learning Community faculty
  • Organizing and hosting mid-semester Community of Practice meetings for these courses
  • Providing course design support for individual faculty upon request, including course design support, teaching consultations, and classroom observations
  • Providing administrative support for PLAN courses, particularly around securing resources for individual course trips and speakers
  • Participating in an annual assessment and planning retreat
  • Serving on the General Education Advisory Group and providing ongoing support to PLAN leadership

CFE collaborates closely with the Dean of the Undergraduate Program, the PLAN faculty lead, faculty course leads, and the PLAN operations manager. Please visit the PLAN internal site to learn more about this program.