Information Science & Technology Concentration

Bridge the gap between people and technology.

The faculty in the program recognize the needs of the full-time and working student. So we’ve crafted a flexible, highly-inclusive program of study that combines theory, hands-on competencies, and understanding of industry- and professional practices, to expose students to the kinds of knowledge they’ll be expected to know as a Master of Science. Courses include modeling data, programming, building ontologies and using relational databases and XML. All with an eye to creating or working in digital environments: with information systems, digital libraries, working in informatics, or focusing on the aesthetic experience of information visualization, web design, and studying the efficiency of information systems through management and the user experience.

The skills and knowledge you gain in this program prepare you for libraries, museums, archives, management of information systems and also for data-rich business and research settings.

Information Science and Technology concentration is currently not seeking applicants; current students in this program of study began prior to Spring 2018.

Program Requirements

Students work with their advisors to create their program of study. Courses are offered on campus. Many are available online.

LIS Core Courses

  • LIS 415 - Information Organization
  • LIS 407 - Reference/Information Services 
  • LIS 488 - Technology for Information Professionals

Students are required to take LIS 407, LIS 415, and LIS 488 within their first 12 credits. * School Library Teacher Program and Archives Concentration students should see their respective program pages for specific requirements as they are different than those of other programs.

Three IS&T Core Courses

  • LIS 484 - Theories of Information Science
  • LIS 485 - Introduction to Programming 
  • LIS 458 - Database Management

Two Courses from Below:

  • LIS 421 - Social Informatics
  • LIS 455 - Usability & User Experience 
  • LIS 462 - Digital Libraries 
  • LIS 465 - Knowledge Management 
  • LIS 467 - Web Development & Information Architecture 
  • LIS 486 / CS543 - Systems Analysis 
  • LIS 487 - Data Interoperability/XML (under revision) 
  • LIS 473 - Information Visualization

Four electives from any offered LIS Course

For more details, see our course descriptions.

Updated per faculty vote, April 2017.