Protest and Demonstration Guidelines

Simmons University respects the rights of all members of the student community to freely express, explore and discuss matter University protects the right of voluntary assembly, will make its facilities available to students for peaceful demonstrations, will welcome guest speakers and will endeavor to protect these assemblies from disruption and interference.

Simmons University also respects the rights of each student in our community to be free from coercion and harassment. Protest becomes unacceptable when it obstructs the basic exchange of ideas. Such obstruction is a form of censorship, no matter who initiates it, is responsible for it, or for what reason. By asserting the right to protest, individuals cannot decide for the entire Simmons community which ideas will or will not receive free expression.

Simmons University will not allow disruptive or disorderly conduct on its premise which interrupts the day-to-day operation of the University or the academic enterprise. Students engaging in disorderly conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action and could be subject to a hearing before the University's Judicial Board.

Students planning a picket, protest or demonstration on Simmons University property are to contact the Office of Student Leadership and Activities to register and for further information. By registering the protest, the University does not intend to infringe on the students' right to assemble but rather to ensure that appropriate levels of crowd management staff as required by law (527 CMR 10.13) are present.

Military Recruiting and Reserve Officer Training

As required by law, Simmons University grants campus access to military recruiting and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Students, and student organizations, are prohibited from preventing military recruiters or ROTC to access campus. Any such action may result in the denial of federal funds. Questions about on-campus recruiting should be directed to the Office of Student Life.