Withdrawal from the University

If a student withdraws from all of her/his courses, fails to return from leave of absence after the date approved by the registrar, or fails to register for any courses by the end of the fourth week of classes, she/he is considered to have withdrawn from the University. No student will be permitted to register after the fourth week of the semester. All University expenses incurred by the student before her withdrawal must be paid in full prior to the release of her official records.

If an undergraduate student withdraws from the University after the eighth week of a semester, the Administrative Board will review her record. If the board determines that the student was progressing unsatisfactorily in her course work at the time of her withdrawal, the board may impose an appropriate academic sanction (e.g., letter of warning, probation, removal from degree candidacy, or exclusion from the University). An undergraduate wishing to leave the University should notify the registrar in writing in advance of her departure. She should also have an exit interview with administrative staff in the Office of the Dean for Student Life, and if she is a financial aid recipient, with a financial aid counselor. Students are urged to consult their parents or guardians and review the University's refund policy before deciding to withdraw from the University.