Administrative Board & Academic Review

The Simmons Administrative Board consists of six faculty members who vote on decisions and several administrators who are in advisory capacity; the dean for student life or her designee, the director of disability services, a faculty member from the nursing department. The Associate Registrar serves as secretary to the Administrative Board.

The purpose of the board is twofold; to consider petitions from students requesting exception to College policy and to review the records of students in academic difficulty. The board also votes to choose the winners of three all-College awards; the Palmer Award, the Alumnae Honor Award and the Alumnae Achievement Award.

Review of Students in Academic Difficulty

The records of students who are experiencing academic difficulty are reviewed at the end of each term by the Administrative Board. The records of any students in the following categories will be reviewed.

A student:

  • with a semester or cumulative GPA of less than 2.00. 
  • who is granted a leave of absence or withdraws from the College after the eighth week of the semester.
  • an overall record that is considered marginal.

The faculty has given the Administrative Board the authority to take whatever action it deems appropriate in each student's situation. Such actions may include no action, a letter of warning, probation, continued probation, removal from degree candidacy, or exclusion. As a result of this review, special conditions may be imposed on the student by the Administrative Board, in which case both the student and her parents or guardian (if the student is a dependent) may be notified.

No Action
The student remains in good standing

Letter of Warning
The student remains a degree candidate in good standing, and her record may be reviewed by the Administrative Board at the end of the semester if her grades do not improve.

The student may remain in degree candidacy, under warning, for one semester, with review and further action by the Administrative Board at the end of that semester.

Immediate Removal from Degree Candidacy and Exclusion from the College
Students who are removed from degree candidacy may enroll in classes as a non-degree student. At the end of a semester as a non-degree candidate, the student may apply for readmission to the College (contact the Registrar's Office). When degree candidacy is restored, courses successfully completed while a student had non-degree status will be applied toward a degree.

An excluded student is required to withdraw from the College for an entire semester. After a semester-long absence and with proof of academic work completed at another institution, a student may apply for readmission to the College. Excluded students who plan to take coursework elsewhere must have preapproval of her advisor and the registrar.

Academic Difficulty and Financial Aid

Students are advised that all institutional, federal, and state-administered financial aid, including federal and state loan programs, will be discontinued to a students who is excluded from the College, who is removed from degree candidacy, who is on probation for more than two semesters in a row, or who fail to accumulate the prescribed number of credits toward the completion of their degrees. Financial aid recipients who are experiencing academic difficulty are urged to consult with a financial aid office staff member and to read carefully the Office of Student Financial Services statement on policy and procedure relative to academic progress.

Academic Warnings

Academic warnings are forwarded to the student, the Center for Academic Achievement, and the faculty advisor, by individual faculty members at any time during the semester. Such warnings will explain the basis for the instructor's evaluation, including but not limited to missed assignments, poor attendance, and low grades.

Mid-semester evaluations are distributed to all new students during their first two semesters at Simmons.