Title IX and Freedom from Discrimination and Harassment

At Simmons College, we recognize the inherent dignity and worth of each member of our community which includes the right to live, learn and work in an environment free from sexual misconduct. In compliance with the Massachusetts State Law Chapter 151B, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other federal and state laws, Simmons College prohibits any student, faculty, vendor, staff or visitor from engaging in gender-based misconduct or discriminating against any other member of the Simmons College community.

Sexual misconduct is an umbrella term used to identify a number of forms of unwelcome behavior, of a sexual nature, that are prohibited by law and Simmons policy. The term sexual misconduct includes, but is not limited to, behaviors often described as sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, stalking, sexual exploitation, and intimate partner or relationship violence. These behaviors violate our community standards and are inconsistent with mutual respect, dignity and personal integrity. Sexual misconduct may occur in any sex or gender configuration — between members of the opposite sex or the same-sex — regardless of gender or gender identity.

The College takes allegations of sexual misconduct seriously and is committed to providing information, resources, and clear direction to members of the Simmons community so that, together, we can help prevent and address this conduct.

The College supports the principle and spirit of equal employment opportunity for all persons, based on each individual's qualifications and fitness and ensures that all decisions concerning hiring and promotion of faculty and staff, or the educational process of students, are based on considerations appropriate to an academic institution without regard to race, color, religion, disability, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, or veteran's status.

The College has designated the Assistant General Counsel as the Title IX Coordinator to comply with Title IX and the College's sexual misconduct policy,and other equal opportunity regulations and law. Questions or concerns about Title IX, other aspects of the College's equal opportunity or harassment policy should be directed to:

Gretchen Groggel Ralston
Assistant General Counsel & Title IX Coordinator 
Main College Building, E-208
300 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 521-2768

For student complaints and inquiries, as well as those involving Athletics, the College has a Deputy Title IX Coordinator:

Sarah Neill
Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Provost & Deputy Title IX Coordinator 
Main College Building, C-219
300 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 521-2123

Simmons College is committed to maintaining a positive learning, working and living environment. Simmons College will not tolerate acts of sexual misconduct or related retaliation against or by any employee or student. When sexual misconduct or sexual violence has occurred and is brought to the attention of Simmons College, the College will take steps to end the prohibited conduct or violence, prevent its reoccurrence, and address its effects immediately.

For additional information on prohibited conduct and the College's reponse please refer to the College's Gender-Based Misconduct Policy.

For additional College policies for students, faculty and staff, please refer to the following: