All College Curriculum Committee (2015-2017)

The All-College Curriculum Committee maintains oversight of curricular initiatives that originate in collaboration between two or more schools, undergraduate general education and graduation requirements, and any other all-college curricular issues. Individual School curriculum committees have responsibility for school-specific curricular proposals. 

The ACCC meets weekly when necessary, or less frequently when there are fewer issues needing the committee’s attention.

Committee Members

As of September 9; CAS and SSW Representatives to be confirmed.

  • Jeannette Bastian (School of Library and Information Science)
  • Lisa Brown (School of Nursing and Health Sciences)
  • Abbie Frost (School of Social Work)
  • Lowry Pei (Former ACCC Chair, College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Spela Trefalt (School of Management)
  • Donna Dolan (Registrar’s Office)
  • Richard Voos (Provost’s Office)


Meeting Minutes